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Are New Years Resolution a waste of time?

December 26, 2022 Coaches Bronson and Natalie Season 1 Episode 11
Less Glove More Fist
Are New Years Resolution a waste of time?
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Are resolutions a waste of time? tips on making your plans for 2023 become a reality.

Coach Nat and Coach Bronson talk about their goals and what you can expect in 2023!

2:35 Does Coach Bronson have a New Year resolution?
9:15 How self focus removes stress
10:22 What are Coach Natalie's resolutions?
13:45 Don't start until....
17:03 Why set a resolution in the first place?
19:55 Touch base with yourself
26:20 What Coach Natalie has been working on
29:25 Acknowledge culpability in your current situation
34:55 What is Coach Bronson going to do in 2023
39:08 Fitness goals for 2023
45:02 Women! Build muscle!
48:55 Lion Diet experiment
53:30 Food attachments
58:40 Business goals for 2023

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[00:14] Coach Natalie: Welcome to the Less Glove morphist Podcast.

[00:17] Coach Bronson: With me, Coach Bronson, and me, Coach Nat, where we peel back the curtains and reveal the truth behind Hot Topics in health and fitness.

[00:24] Coach Natalie: This is Keto fit life unfiltered.

[00:35] Coach Bronson: Hello, everybody, and welcome to another episode of the Less Glove Morphis Podcast with.

[00:39] Coach Natalie: Me, Coach Bronson and me, Coach Nap.

[00:42] Coach Bronson: And today's episode is going to be about our intentions, what we're doing, what we're planning on doing, and what we're going to accomplish in 2023. You see what I did there?

[00:56] Coach Natalie: Yes, I see.

[01:00] Coach Bronson: What you just witnessed was positive affirmation in language.

[01:06] Coach Natalie: Putting it out in the.

[01:08] Coach Bronson: Universe, putting it in the universe, claiming.

[01:09] Coach Natalie: It as if it's already happening, as.

[01:11] Coach Bronson: If it's already there and happening. So last time we talked or last episode, we talked a lot about where we were coming from, where we're at, and maintaining with it being New Year. It's two days before Christmas. I guess we should probably talk about, I think maybe more the process of what we've done to get to what our intentions are. We can definitely go into what we're planning on doing for the year and what we want to get done, like what is our nutrition goals and fitness goals and business goals and these things. But there's also some things that we've done to figure out what those things are going to be that I think people could learn from. As far as how do you set intention? What are the process of coming up? Like, we spent time in Florida doing Mastermind for three or four days. What are some of the things that we did to come up with? What are our goals? Does that make sense?

[02:02] Coach Natalie: I would love to share some of my favorite New Year's practices for exactly that. Reviewing, reflecting on the year past and setting intentions and getting clear on what you want more of in your life. I'll speak for myself. What I want more of in my life, what I want less of in my life, where I want to improve how I determine those things.

[02:33] Coach Bronson: Right? Yeah. Okay. So let's see. Let's start with I have a question.

[02:38] Coach Natalie: For you to start.

[02:39] Coach Bronson: Oh, no. Okay, shoot. I don't know what she's going to ask.

[02:43] Coach Natalie: Do you have New Year's resolutions, Coach Bronson?

[02:46] Coach Bronson: I don't do you knew I was going to say that.

[02:50] Coach Natalie: I knew you would say that. We did not talk about this in advance. FAM.

[02:54] Coach Bronson: I hate when she springs questions on me that I don't know what she's.

[02:58] Coach Natalie: Hoping this would be, but I knew how he would answer that question.

[03:04] Coach Bronson: Yeah. No, I don't.

[03:06] Coach Natalie: I wouldn't know why?

[03:08] Coach Bronson: Because the path that I'm on is more than a year. The the path that I'm on pause.

[03:16] Coach Natalie: Pause. I want you all to hear that. Say it again.

[03:19] Coach Bronson: The path that I'm on is more than a year. I'm not trying to live my life a year at a time.

[03:26] Coach Natalie: Pause.

[03:26] Coach Bronson: Again.

[03:28] Coach Natalie: You all need to let this sink in. He said, I am not trying to live my life one year at a time. Wow.

[03:38] Coach Bronson: I'm trying to live my life one day at a time and build upon every day the gems.

[03:46] Coach Natalie: I mean, seriously, like, these things, like, I'm pausing and gasping because it's giving me chills. It's like, this is life.

[03:53] Coach Bronson: Yeah.

[03:54] Coach Natalie: What we talked about in our last episode, maintenance is life, and it's not even maintenance. We'll talk about that on this episode. How maintenance is really about constant becoming. I like to say that becoming. I don't like to say the kitschy. Constant self improvement. Right. Because that elicits in my mind an image of the striving. And I must struggle better. Right? Exactly. It puts you in a good energy. When you think about improving myself well.

[04:34] Coach Bronson: Because that puts pressure on. You have to improve. And unfortunately, guys, fortunately, I should say it feels unfortunate, but fortunately, you don't have to improve all of the time.

[04:49] Coach Natalie: You don't have to be focused on the trying to improve.

[04:54] Coach Bronson: Right. There's a level of just enjoying where you're at. There's a level of understanding that you can't do everything. There's a level of understanding that you're going to fail at some things, and that's fine.

[05:08] Coach Natalie: Every day is not going to be your best every day.

[05:10] Coach Bronson: You can't set a PR at the gym every day. You can't be 100% all of the time. So take that pressure off yourself. Don't worry about that. It's okay. Live your life. And I love what you said about it's not maintenance. It's life. When you get to a point where you're living the life that you've envisioned for yourself, you can allow yourself to take your foot off the gas enough to enjoy the drive. There's a difference between trying to fight traffic and going for a Sunday drive in the woods. Right.

[05:45] Coach Natalie: Oh, my gosh.

[05:46] Coach Bronson: The energy is the energy is very different.

[05:49] Coach Natalie: Ronson will not be trying to beat the GPS in that situation.

[05:53] Coach Bronson: Exactly. Right. I'm not trying to beat the right. Oh, my God.

[05:56] Coach Natalie: I had to bring that up.

[05:58] Coach Bronson: But, see, for some of us, that's hard, because even for me and we had this conversation today, even for me, in this living my life and enjoying where I'm at, where 90% of my lifestyle is what I've envisioned for myself, it's very hard to take my foot off the gas a little bit. I've always got things in my head that I want to get done. I always have new things popping into my head that I have to tell myself, put it on the list. You can get to it.

[06:25] Coach Natalie: New ideas that cropped up today.

[06:29] Coach Bronson: And guys, you got to understand, when I have an idea, it's not like, oh, this would be cool. It's like, oh, my God, this is huge. I want to do it now.

[06:36] Coach Natalie: Pause. Everything else in life, everything else has to stop.

[06:39] Coach Bronson: I want to do this right away. And I know that's not feasible or realistic.

[06:44] Coach Natalie: There's a level of reeling in that must happen.

[06:47] Coach Bronson: That's why you're here.

[06:50] Coach Natalie: This is a large part of my role.

[06:53] Coach Bronson: To get back to that initial piece of the resolutions, my goals are three years out, four years out, five years out, ten years out. My goals are things that I have that are short term. I want to see if I can do in the next three weeks. I have goals that I want to potentially with me. I like to do some things that are usually about three to six months in length and set goals and experiment and try things for what I do as a coach with the content I put out online, I like to experiment with things. So some of my goals that are performance or nutrition or body composition, things like that, are usually three to six months in length. So that is an easy thing for me to say, hey, for the next six months, this is what I'm doing. On the business side, on the personal development side, on the personal development side, it's an ongoing there is no timeline. There are things that I know I need to get better at. There are things I know from an education and learning perspective that I want to do. There are things from a personal development perspective. I'll just say that as I've gotten older and as I've experienced more to life, my focus on my personal development is probably at an all time high compared to anything else. And it's cool to be able to say that you're part of that because you're so woo. Woo.

[08:31] Coach Natalie: I was just having some woo thoughts over here.

[08:36] Coach Bronson: But it's a very interesting transition of awareness.

[08:45] Coach Natalie: Boom.

[08:47] Coach Bronson: We talk about awareness all the time, and I think the level of awareness in when you focus on improving yourself. Here's a kicker we talk about all the time change yourself, change the world, change how you think in the world, changes around you. And that is 110% true for me. The past couple of years, that's what it's all been about. It's been about changing how I'm thinking about myself. And with my focus being on self improvement, I have spent much less energy on trying to fix everything else than everyone else.

[09:23] Coach Natalie: Wow, that's powerful.

[09:24] Coach Bronson: And it's made a huge difference in the stress in my life and the overhead and my own personal life, and also just the growth of my business and my health and everything else.

[09:34] Coach Natalie: Probably stronger relationships too.

[09:36] Coach Bronson: Everything absolutely big time.

[09:38] Coach Natalie: When people can feel that, when you're projecting this expectations or pressure onto them, right? And that's not a healthy environment or relationship to be in with any of your loved ones. Now people probably feel a little less open, a little less trusting feeling judged, right? When people feel judged, then they're less likely to make those changes.

[10:10] Coach Bronson: And as a coach. It makes me better coach too.

[10:13] Coach Natalie: Absolutely.

[10:13] Coach Bronson: What about you? So you asked me about resolutions and I just kind of went on a little tangent about how I feel about that. What about you? Do you have resolutions?

[10:22] Coach Natalie: Yeah. So, interesting. I was thinking about this. There's a couple of different angles that I take this. Number one, I think that I am a woo woo person. And I do love the symbolism, the symbology. There's something about a date, if you think about really what New Year's is, it's a made up holiday like all other holidays. There were people in history that determined that this was going to be the calendar, that this was going to be a special day on the calendar. So all of the days that are national holidays or whatever, our own person, our own birthdays. Right. Everything is it has the meaning that we assign to it like anything else in life. But there's something special to me about the symbolic nature of a date or a special I don't even know how I want to say this. It's kind of like a milestone benchmark. Yeah. I don't know the right word. Maybe it'll come to me. But I love ritual. I love ceremony. I love the symbolism of turning the page or closing the chapter on that year and opening. I can see that in the next one. And we think about like, in business. Right? In business, you have calendar years, you have the dates that the books close. You have all of these kinds of things. So I like it from a planning perspective for things like business in particular, that you can look at the calendar year and say, okay, in the next twelve months, what am I going to accomplish? It's a great amount of time to have a timeline for goals and things of that nature. Right. You talked about having three year, five year, ten year goals. I like the concept of chunking down goals, too. So I start with my big picture vision of someday. Right. And that could be a ten year, but really more of like that ethereal someday, and then taking that down into five year, three year and one year goals and then taking the one year and breaking that up into semiannual and quarterly objectives or things to look at.

[12:48] Coach Bronson: So what you're talking about is a little bit different, though, than resolutions. I think you're talking about the process of actually setting goals and breaking them down to realistic expectations that you can put a plan against and execute.

[13:01] Coach Natalie: Right. So for the planning perspective of things, I like a one year time frame and having things like the calendar year starting in January 1 and running through December 31 and having those twelve months chunked out. I like that from a planning perspective, practicality perspective. But then on the other side of the coin, when it comes to new year new Year. New Year. And this concept of, okay, now that it's the New Year, I'm going to have these resolutions. The concept of that that I don't love is this what typically happens for people before New Year's. So we're talking typically, November. December. Right. The holidays are upon us. So right now, screw everything. Everything's going out the window. All my goals and plans and everything I had for the year, I'm not thinking about that anymore. Now is the time to just relax, chill out, go spend time with the family, let go of all of my achieving related goals, and that includes big time health and fitness for people. It's like, forget health and fitness. Now is the time to shove my face with everything and there's no consequences. And then on January 1, I'm starting fresh, I'm starting new. And the way I see this play out with my clients on a shorter term scale is Monday to Friday, and then forget it Friday night through Sunday and then starting over on Monday. Every single week or I've been good for four weeks, it's the end of the month, I'll start over on the first of next month. And so there's always this constant stopping and starting. Really what that is is letting yourself off the hook. Like, tomorrow is not just another day.

[15:01] Coach Bronson: Yeah. And that goes back to what I said before. That is because the expectation is that you're only doing this until you reach your goal and then you're done.

[15:15] Coach Natalie: Or until there's a reason not to. And essentially what that's doing is setting your mind up for the opportunity not to do the thing. And it's really kind of coming from a place of this isn't something I want to do, this is something I have to do. Right. And that's a whole different conversation of another day. But I think when it comes to New Year's resolutions, for example, it really needs to be something that if you're going to set a resolution, I don't think there's anything wrong with setting resolutions of saying, here's taking the resolution concept of this is my intention. I like the term intention, but it's the same kind of thing as I turn the page and I close the chapter on this year. And here's the way I think about it. I like to reflect over the year prior and everything that's happened from last January 1 to now. And look at all the things I'm proud of. Look at all the things that I'm not proud of. Look at what brought me the most joy. Look at what detracted the most energy from me and analyze it and sit with it and let that bubble up to the things that are heaviest on my heart that I want to change in the new year, that I want to either have more of do more of or change because I'm not proud of the way I've shown up or things that I know I could be doing better that matter to me. So it's not about I have to do this thing to lose £20 because it's what I should be doing, or I need to eat this way in the new year because that's the way I should be eating, based on whatever, whoever is saying that that's the healthiest way to eat or that's a better way to live or whatever. You're listening to other people outside of yourself. So as normal, I always say, know thyself, and it's about reflecting on where you are. It's kind of, to me, New Year's, and any special day on the calendar for me, my birthday is another one. And it's kind of convenient for me because my birthday is six weeks after the new year. So every year I kind of get a redo if I have this, oh, I have a New Year's resolution, let's say, or intentions for the new year. I naturally tend to also do that type of reflection that I do around New Year's, around my birthday. It's like I'm entering a new year of being on this Earth and how do I want to enter this next year of my life? And I have that built in like, oh, I intend to do these things in the new year, have I been doing them? And then I quickly get to kind of assess and reset for my birthday. Well, wouldn't it be amazing if we did that every week of our lives?

[18:19] Coach Bronson: Well, this is where we're talking about not living year to year and the habits and this is I think what I'm taking from what you're saying, what we've talked about so far, is that whatever you're going through in the process of setting a resolution for the new year is something you should be doing on a regular basis anyways.

[18:38] Coach Natalie: You could be doing this anymore.

[18:39] Coach Bronson: It doesn't have to be at the New Year. Why aren't you doing this every month? Why aren't you sitting down and saying, hey, next month, what am I going to do better than I did this month?

[18:50] Coach Natalie: You know what one of the most powerful things that my clients share with me that makes a huge difference for them? The clients that are showing up and doing their check ins with me every week.

[19:01] Coach Bronson: We were going to talk about that.

[19:02] Coach Natalie: Yeah, I send them a little reminder every week when it's time to do their check in, and I have a questionnaire that goes to them.

[19:10] Coach Bronson: I was going to talk about my questionnaire.

[19:14] Coach Natalie: Which is just a few questions about how things are going and where they need support and what they need to improve upon. And we do the biofeedback ratings as well, which all of these things really all it is is a chance for you to sit down. I was just having this conversation with a client yesterday. It is really a check in with yourself, and it's a reflection over how did this week go? What am I proud of?

[19:46] Coach Bronson: What worked well? What didn't work well? Like all of the different things. How am I feeling about this week?

[19:50] Coach Natalie: Where do I have challenges? Where am I? Struggling. Where do I need support? You can do this for yourself, even.

[19:55] Coach Bronson: If you don't have so what you're talking about and this is really a cool segue, which we didn't plan, but we both have that a very similar weekly feedback with our clients that we get. It's also something that I may have just added into the Ultimate Ketogenic Fitness Live Well journal that is now available on Amazon. If you guys didn't know, a couple of weeks ago I published a journal that you can order. It's like $7.50. It's the cheapest I could make. Could get, could make it I think I make twenty five cents per book. Woohoo. Because I tried to make it as cheap as I could. With what? Their printing prices. Oh my God, it costs so much to print that book. But it's like $7.50 on Amazon. It's a full year. It's 52 weeks of journal open pages that you can write. There's about ten pages at the beginning of the journal where we talk about your why, your why not reframing, goal setting, all the different things. There's a nonscale victory tracker, there's a bunch of stuff in there. But every week in the journal there is a page to start the week that has that kind of thing. What's the question? What's that questionnaire? How did you feel this week? How did you sleep this week? What happened good this week? What challenges did you have this week where you can put that stuff in? Are you making progress towards your goals? Like all of those things that you can keep a track and every week you have an opportunity to review and kind of see how am I doing against the things I said I was going to do.

[21:20] Coach Natalie: Okay, so here's the crux of it right here. And how beautiful. That's a great plug, guys. If you need something to hold you accountable in the new year, boom. There you go. Get that journal.

[21:30] Coach Bronson: Get the journal.

[21:30] Coach Natalie: So here's the thing is when we talk about journaling, right, you kind of probably picture like a monk sitting on a pillow or this Abercrombie and Fitch model with her. Is that old school?

[21:47] Coach Bronson: Is that with her canvas journal sitting on a rock next to a stream.

[21:52] Coach Natalie: Somewhere with her Starbucks next to her and her leg warmers or fuzzy socks or whatever. But I think that's what people think of, they think of like this journaling, right? But all of the most successful people, they do this regular evaluation of themselves, of how things are going, what they need to improve upon. They go back and reference their goals. I think the reason why everybody now these days talks about, oh, you shouldn't make resolutions, resolutions, resolutions. Or they say that resolutions are bad or all that. It's really just because what do you do when people make New Year's resolutions? They say they resolve to do something and it goes into the ether. They don't write it down anywhere.

[22:43] Coach Bronson: They don't there's no plan. There's no specific timeline or how it's going to be executed and accomplished. There's no evaluation of ready, willing, and able.

[22:53] Coach Natalie: But all of resolution is, is something you're resolving to do something that you intend to do its intentions. So, like anything else, if it's just spoken one time, it's not going to do anything. There is homework that we give our clients early on for them to reflect upon their why and consider kind of the risk and reward the pain and the purpose. And the clients who have the most success reflect on those things on a more regular basis. The clients who we don't hear from or struggle the most are not looking at that again. They may do that homework, file it away somewhere and never look at it again. Well, just like brushing your teeth, you got to do it every day. You've got to be reminded of what you intended to do on a regular basis. Some of the most successful people, they write down those things every day. There's something that they're looking at every day that reminds them. And these kinds of planners and journals, if you want to call it a planner, if that makes you feel better about journaling, there are planners. I mean, you've got the high performance planner, Brendan Bashar, like some of the most successful people, tony Robbins, they have journals that they all put out there, and everybody has their own kind of brand or way that they do it. But it's the concept of writing it down, making it clear, that's what makes you take action on these things. So it's not just stating it and waiting for the motivation to come or waiting to be inspired to do it and then doing it one day and not doing it again. It's the consistency of it that really makes the changes. So, like I said, I don't think there's anything wrong with resolutions. And I don't think that even in New Year's, that date on the calendar, I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I think, for one, don't put it off until that date.

[24:58] Coach Bronson: Okay?

[24:58] Coach Natalie: Once you've resolved, like, oh, that means I can now go for the next two weeks.

[25:03] Coach Bronson: Okay, new Year's resolution, I'm going to start trying to get more protein and okay, that's not a New Year's resolution. Here's the deal, guys. A New Year's resolution is the first step to making a change. It is not the change. Just saying that you want to do something is step one. Then you have to follow it up with all of the same steps that you would normally do when you're trying to make a change. Why do you want to make the change? Are you able to make the change, are you going to be able to set a goal that you can actually attain in order to make that change happen?

[25:42] Coach Natalie: Well, and you have to write down the steps, right? First of all, you have to probably find out what the steps are exactly. A lot of the time when we want to make a change, it's something that's personal to us. I'll give you a great example. We've talked about this in the past episode. Time management is my Achilles heel.

[26:03] Coach Bronson: I was wondering if you were going to talk about this because we just talked about it today.

[26:07] Coach Natalie: I think we should share something each personally, something that we'll be working on in the note or that's an intention for us over the next year. Right?

[26:17] Coach Bronson: I made myself perfect last year. I don't have anything to work on this year.

[26:21] Coach Natalie: Just because you're perfect for me doesn't.

[26:25] Coach Bronson: Mean I am hardly perfect for you.

[26:28] Coach Natalie: Human being. Yeah. One, this was heavy on my heart this week because being here out of our normal circumstances and the holidays and having family and everything, I have been more wildly inefficient than ever, and efficiency is already not my strong suit. So this has been in my face. And I'm sure Bronson has been holding himself back from saying anything. I told him the other day how grateful I am for his in case.

[27:01] Coach Bronson: You guys haven't picked up, I am hyper efficient in my time management and how things and how she tells me all the time that what do you say? As far as my speed of implementation?

[27:14] Coach Natalie: Yes, speed of implementation.

[27:17] Coach Bronson: So if something has to get done, it's going to get done.

[27:20] Coach Natalie: There is no hesitation.

[27:22] Coach Bronson: I think we've established there's some level of ADHD going on with me, but it's not the type that I get distracted. I'm hyper focused. When something has to get done, I get super focused into it.

[27:36] Coach Natalie: And the minute he gets the thought in his head, he springs into action.

[27:40] Coach Bronson: I have to do something about it, otherwise it will drive me crazy. So that's where the ADHD and the OCD come in. But that is very different than that. I wouldn't even say tension sometimes, but there's definitely some consternation going on when it's like, okay, what's happening?

[28:02] Coach Natalie: I will say my biggest shortcomings are procrastination and lack of efficiency, which is.

[28:10] Coach Bronson: Funny because mine is moving too fast.

[28:13] Coach Natalie: That's so true. We balance each other very well when it comes to business, for example, because I am the one that will be more deliberate in planning, in thoughts, in advance of action. And for me, that has also been that has held me back in business as well. So this partnership is truly we really are perfect for each other in so many ways. But if there's one thing that I would like to improve, it is that and those two things really go hand in hand. A big part of this okay. Being vulnerable here. For those of you who are struggling in your health and fitness journey, and you're like, Why am I not moving forward? If you already knew all the things to do and you knew how to do the things and you were doing the things, it would not be a struggle. Right? So there's an acknowledgement of where I am. There has to be an acknowledgment of where I am. And I was just reflecting on this earlier today as well. I wrote this down in my meditation. The first step is acknowledging culpability for where you are right now that you don't like fully taking 100% full ownership and responsibility for getting yourself to a place where you don't want to be and it is not comfortable.

[29:46] Coach Bronson: It sucks because we want to blame everything else. We don't want to be responsible for where we are at.

[29:56] Coach Natalie: We cannot take any steps forward until.

[30:00] Coach Bronson: We do that first, because I want to add to that. And that is the reason why, guys, if you're listening to this, the reason why you can't move forward without taking ownership is because you're the only one that can move you forward. But if you're not the owner of the problem, then you're waiting on someone else to move you forward. And that's never going to happen.

[30:25] Coach Natalie: This is something we talked about recently, about people who sign up for coaching because throwing money at a problem makes you feel like you're doing something.

[30:35] Coach Bronson: Oh, my God, I forgot we were going to talk about this. Yeah, that's a really great example of people who haven't taken ownership. They think, I'm going to hire a coach and then coach is going to help me make progress. But guys, we're coaches. We're there to show you what needs to be done. You still have to do it.

[30:55] Coach Natalie: We can give you the path forward.

[30:57] Coach Bronson: Right. I can't live your life for you as your coach. I can't show up to your calls that you're supposed to have with me. I can't fill out the forms. I can't track your data. I can't eat your food. I can't do your exercise. I can't sweep for you. Those are things you have to take ownership and do. The reason you are where you are is because you haven't been doing those things. Hiring us as a coach isn't going to change that.

[31:23] Coach Natalie: Now, hiring a coach or buying a book or buying a plan, that can be a step in the right direction.

[31:30] Coach Bronson: Sure.

[31:31] Coach Natalie: So, like, when I was talking about the concept of, okay, if you had all that, you'd already be there. Right. By taking responsibility and ownership, you're acknowledging, okay, I don't know everything or I'm not already good at this. I'm where I am with this. As much as it sucks to acknowledge, to look at, to see, stepping on the scale for some people, recognizing the size clothing you're wearing, whatever that may be for you. Right. For me, it was this week in looking and saying, wow, I really don't like the way that I'm managing things. I am not able to show up for anyone in my life the way I want to with this thing that I'm dealing with now. I'm not already good at it. So that means I need to learn how to be good at it. So the first step is gaining some knowledge, doing some research, going to the experts. The beauty is today, guys, we have YouTube, we have podcasts, we have courses, we have coaches. We have so many things at our fingertips that we can employ to get to gain that knowledge. So that will be my first step is, okay, how do people who are good at time management and very efficient, how do they do it? How are the ways that they set up their life? What do I need to do different? And I know this is another thing I say to my clients. You have to acknowledge that it's going to be difficult because it's new, it's different. You're asking yourself to do something you haven't done before. For some of you, working out is a huge hurdle. Just being consistent with workouts, it doesn't feel fun yet. It's not your escape yet. You're like you're watching people who are fit talk about how that's their me time, and you don't feel that way. It feels like torture to you. You're just doing it because you know it's something that you're not good at that's important to you. We talked about that. It shouldn't be an arbitrary thing you're doing because somebody else said you should do it. It needs to be important to you. And so that goes back to the why. I know that I will show up better in my business. I'll show up better as a partner. I'll show up better as a friend if I manage my schedule better. That's why it's important to me. I can see all my relationships improving. I can see my income improving. I can see the outcomes that I can help people create in their lives improving by doing that. So you've got to connect those things, and then you've got to say, okay, what are the first steps? You got to start putting a plan together.

[34:24] Coach Bronson: Yeah, I don't know if we want to get into it this session, but talking about how to do it, how to make a plan, talk about goals, let's do that kind of stuff. I don't know if we have enough time. We still got to talk about what our let's put a bookmark in that and come back to that another episode because we still got to talk about what we're doing this year and kind of share some of the things that are happening in 2020 on the business side. On the business side and for ourselves, like, what are we working on? Things like that individually. So before we do that, I guess I should do my what am I going to work on?

[34:58] Coach Natalie: What's your intention?

[34:58] Coach Bronson: What's my intention for myself outside of goals and fitness? Goals and business goals, personal stuff. It's knowledge. I have knowledge intentions for 2023. We talked about this recently. I'm only a handful of credits away from getting my degree. So that's something that I would very much like to finish next year. It's had to go on hold. I should have had it done this year, but with everything going on, I had to put it on hold. So that's one thing. I will get my degree next year. That is the plan.

[35:40] Coach Natalie: Boom.

[35:41] Coach Bronson: Outside of that, I have some specialized knowledge that I'd like to get into. I guess I can talk about it on here, right? Let everybody know. Why not put it out in the universe, right? You're a fan of that. If anybody has listened to the things that I talk about and how I relate fitness and nutrition and how both of those impact quality of life, then you've heard me talk about how nutrition is a way to manage internal stress and fitness helps us manage external stress. And that relationship is what determines your quality of life. You can have one or the other and be better than not, but you need both to really live your best life. That concept, I think I would like to understand stress better.

[36:36] Coach Natalie: Oh, yes. Now I know where you're going with that.

[36:39] Coach Bronson: So really digging into the science behind stress, the biology behind stress, and then all of the different factors because it's such a nuanced conversation. I think a lot of people don't understand. This is one of the reasons I love fitness so much. I'm trying not to go into a rabbit hole of discussion about breaking all this stuff down. But when we talk about quality of life and we talk about physiology in the human body, we're talking about neurological, biological, and physiological things. So the thing that is fascinating about stress is that stressing, one of those can impact the other two. If I stress my neurology, it will affect my biology and it will affect my physiology. If I stress my physiology, it will affect my biology and my neurology. And there's an impact on the level of affecting quality of life that nutrition and fitness play into that. That is just fascinating to me and understanding that. I think I came up with a statement in my journaling, in my quiet times with myself, that life is stress management. Literally. Literally everything that we do think about this, you can't change anything in your life without stress. Stress management is literally living your life is literally preparing for a change, making a change, or recovering from a change. All of that is about stress management. So just that if you're listening, I can feel my excitement coming in as we talk about this and the way she's looking at me right now, she's like, oh my God, he's going he's fired up.

[38:29] Coach Natalie: I'm like, is this going to become an episode all about stress?

[38:33] Coach Bronson: But that is one of my goals for 2023, is to learn more about stress management and stress and how it's impacted and all the different layers of interaction and integration with our body and our food and our environment and how it impacts all that stuff. So that's my self development and knowledge growth that I plan for next year. So those two things geeking out.

[38:58] Coach Natalie: What a surprise.

[38:59] Coach Bronson: Geeking out on something. Yeah. Outside of that, let's talk about, okay, fitness stuff real quick. Let's run down some fitness goals. What are your fitness goals right now? Because I know you don't have a whole year, right? You're planning more, what, six months? How are you doing your fitness right now?

[39:17] Coach Natalie: I don't have any timelines on anything. Okay, so where I'm at my goal.

[39:25] Coach Bronson: Right now, growth period, booty growth. I'm in an interesting place about that base. Not that travel.

[39:40] Coach Natalie: I'm in an interesting place with my fitness, specifically fitness journey. My main goal, long term goal. For a long time now, I've been competitively bodybuilding for, oh my gosh.

[39:59] Coach Bronson: We're going into 2023, 2016, seven years.

[40:07] Coach Natalie: Seven years and training for eight now because I started in 2015, right? So all that I'll say probably after my first show, first, maybe second show when I caught the bug was I want to be a world champion. I do not ever want to stop until I'm a world champion. It doesn't matter how long it takes me. But that's the ultimate goal. I'll just say a year, but like, let's say every season, right? My goal has always been as most bodybuilders, putting on more muscle mass, getting leaner for the next show, so improving what I'm bringing to the stage as I have progressed.

[40:51] Coach Bronson: And she brought it, y'all, she dumb wrought the whole thing.

[40:59] Coach Natalie: This last show was definitely a whole different level of everything for me. Boom, shakawaka, the energy, the performance, the physique, all of it. But one thing that has changed for me over the years, when I first started doing this, it was really just to get lean. Like most women want to start sign up for that first bikini show because you want to drop body fat. But that has progressed over the years that I've embraced my natural ability and my genetics to build muscle and to and create the proportions that I have. And so every year or so, as I'm reflecting over the last competition season, thinking about the next competition, my goal has always been to move up a division to get to the higher, more muscular level divisions. I want to take this as far as I can take it. Naturally. I'm a natural athlete. I will never take any substance, any PEDs besides steak, unless I get to the point where I need hormone replacement therapy. I would not turn that down if I need that as a medical intervention, but I would not be going and seeking out steroids or performance enhancing drugs or anything like that. For me, it's always been about how much muscle I can build, how far I can take this as a natural athlete pushing my body to the limits, basically in a healthy way. I'll say that the chapter that I've closed, that I'm closing as we close out this year, and the new chapter that I'm opening in 2023, for me is this is now life. As we were talking on the last episode, maintenance. As a pro athlete that's seeking to become a champion, there is no more large swings of bulking and cutting taking place in my athletic career. My intentions for the new year as my fitness goals is lean gains. Purely in two words, lean gains. I want to maintain a level of leanness that is not unrealistic, but is healthy, but is athletically. Lean to where I am never more than four to six weeks out to a show. So I'm not putting on unnecessarily excessive amounts of body fat and then having to take a very long time to slowly cut that down in a healthy way to get on stage again. So my goal for the new year is to build, build, build, move into competing as a fitness pro. That would be a step up from where I was in wellness.

[44:02] Coach Bronson: She's too jacked for what we saw.

[44:05] Coach Natalie: Last year that I was very defined. If you look at the lineup, they wanted a soft. It's very clear I haven't gotten the feedback.

[44:17] Coach Bronson: You would not be happy you could compete in wellness. You probably would have placed higher if you were a little softer, fuller, but you wouldn't have been so disappointed.

[44:27] Coach Natalie: I would not have been happy there. Bronson knows since we met, this journey for me is about building the body of my dreams, not the judge's dreams. So where I land is where I want to be and his luckily, those things are very aligned. So, yeah, I have said that if the feedback is that I should stay in wellness but I have to get softer, then I will not stay in wellness.

[44:58] Coach Bronson: I'm going to make a quick segue.

[45:00] Coach Natalie: Go for it.

[45:01] Coach Bronson: For any guy listening to this, for any woman listening to this, guys, encourage your women to build muscle. It's good for them and it's sexy as hell.

[45:18] Coach Natalie: I have always wanted a man who could really appreciate and celebrate my muscle and the moments where this man's breath is taken away and I don't even try. I'm just doing things in life and he'll just stop dead in his tracks and say, my god, woman, your quads.

[45:40] Coach Bronson: Or your hands, your hamstrings at me every time.

[45:45] Coach Natalie: So there's nothing more affirming than that, ladies. There's nothing more affirming.

[45:52] Coach Bronson: So you don't have any specific goals.

[45:55] Coach Natalie: It's just grow right now.

[45:57] Coach Bronson: Maintain and grow.

[45:58] Coach Natalie: We just got the new calendar of shows for 2023 was just announced, and I haven't spoken with Coach yet, but last I spoke with Coach, he said, let's see what happens with the shows right now. No timeline. Let's just grow.

[46:14] Coach Bronson: Yeah. Okay, cool. And for me, I have a couple of things that are on my list of maybe I'll do, maybe. I'm not sure. We know. I've got the Costa Rica thing in a couple of weeks. I've been trying to cut that. Got kind of thrown off by being sick for a little over a week.

[46:33] Coach Natalie: And then Bronson will be on reverse season three.

[46:38] Coach Bronson: Season three? Season three carnivore season. Yeah. We're to leave the first week in January. We'll be filming in Costa Rica. It's going to be a blast. I mean, it's going to be kind of cool. We just stay in the house for three days with I can't even think of all the names. Dr. Chafee. Dr. Baker. Dr. Barry.

[46:58] Coach Natalie: Maria emery.

[46:59] Coach Bronson: Dr. Ovadia. Dr. Kilts. Dr. Hampton.

[47:03] Coach Natalie: Basically going to be vega. All the doctors. You and Maria.

[47:07] Coach Bronson: Yeah. Well, Kelly hogan.

[47:10] Coach Natalie: Okay.

[47:11] Coach Bronson: Bella steak and butter gal. There's, like, so many people that will be there.

[47:18] Coach Natalie: So he was going to cut so he could go there looking shredded.

[47:23] Coach Bronson: Right. Not that I'm not fairly lean already. I just wanted to try to get a little bit more I'm going to.

[47:29] Coach Natalie: Be on camera already on the eyes.

[47:32] Coach Bronson: So we'll see how that goes. I got a week and a half. We'll see how it goes.

[47:39] Coach Natalie: Wow, that's coming in so quick.

[47:40] Coach Bronson: I know, right? So that was my short term one little short term thing. Outside of that, I have it in my head that I kind of want to try going 90 days without tracking anything.

[47:53] Coach Natalie: Okay.

[47:54] Coach Bronson: I'm afraid I'm going to get fat, though, if I do that. So here's the thing, guys. I have been tempted multiple times to do the whole fit to fat to fit thing, but I know the process of getting back in shape after that, and I do not I am side.

[48:13] Coach Natalie: Eyeing this man right now. Are you crazy?

[48:16] Coach Bronson: No, but I'm afraid that that same kind of thing if I start if I don't track again, because I know what happens. It happens with clients. I hear it all the time. I'm not tracking. I gained £5. Like, I got all this fat whatever.

[48:28] Coach Natalie: Yeah, but you don't live that way.

[48:33] Coach Bronson: I know I don't, but I don't know. We'll see. That's one of the things I've been tossing around doing. We've talked about just going 100% carnivore cutting out, coffee, cutting out.

[48:45] Coach Natalie: Reminded me you were going to do forgot that that was the major intention.

[48:50] Coach Bronson: Right. We were talking about doing that. So that's probably if you're going to do it, then I'll probably do it.

[48:55] Coach Natalie: Okay, so, y'all, here's the deal, because.

[48:58] Coach Bronson: I've never done it. Can you believe this? I'm a carnivore for five years. I've never actually done lime diet.

[49:04] Coach Natalie: Wow. Okay, so you've never done it at all either. Okay, so I think we should do it.

[49:08] Coach Bronson: Do we got to cut out eggs, though?

[49:09] Coach Natalie: Yes.

[49:11] Coach Bronson: That makes me sad.

[49:13] Coach Natalie: Meat, salt, and water.

[49:14] Coach Bronson: That makes me sad.

[49:18] Coach Natalie: Here's why I want to do it though. It's the same kind of concept of people doing things like 75, hard, whole 30, any of these short term kind of really difficult things to do that are very different than what you're doing now. This is oh my goodness. This is literally how I started my journey. It was a Lenten sacrifice, and it was the concept of sacrifice that made it happen, really, because committing to something beyond what it's going to do for your body, for example.

[49:59] Coach Bronson: Right. Try to do it as part of something bigger.

[50:01] Coach Natalie: Part of something bigger. And the whole concept of the whole reason I would be doing the lion diet. And I thought about doing like a 40 days till my 40th birthday, which would be right after I'd start the second week of January. I believe if I calculated that correctly, leading up to my 40th of lion diet so that I could feel in optimal health try to get all of the markers. The one thing now I'm working on with my naturopath is bringing my testosterone back up because that just all of a sudden is low. Could just be from being at the end of prep. We don't know yet.

[50:43] Coach Bronson: And we've spent a lot of time indoors the past few months. We haven't gotten any sunlight.

[50:48] Coach Natalie: That's true.

[50:49] Coach Bronson: We've done the summer we were going for walks and stuff. We haven't gotten any sunlight lately.

[50:54] Coach Natalie: Our sleep has been terrible too. Yeah. So there's a lot of things at play there. But the lion diet for me is I know it would be hard. I know it would require a different level of mental toughness. And kind of my mantra or the way that I go through life is if I'm too attached to something, it needs to go.

[51:16] Coach Bronson: Say that again.

[51:18] Coach Natalie: If I am too attached to something, it needs to go.

[51:22] Coach Bronson: Think about that, guys. Seriously, think about that. We're not talking about loved ones.

[51:28] Coach Natalie: Right?

[51:28] Coach Bronson: But if there's something in your life that you defend, ask yourself why you're defending that. Is it something that you need for some reason to stay alive? Is it something that you just are so used to having that you can't envision your life without it, but it's really not doing you any good?

[51:51] Coach Natalie: Exactly.

[51:52] Coach Bronson: That's really right. Is it really doing you any good?

[51:55] Coach Natalie: Just last week at the Masterclass, I do Monday Masterclasses every week for free in my group. Last week's, Masterclass was on Bridge Foods. What I call Bridge Foods. And I described the difference between a bridge food versus a crutch versus a cheat versus a trigger food and how all four of those are very different. But those crutches and I talked about how certain foods could be in a different category for the same person at a different time. There are times when protein powder is a bridge food for me. There are times where it's a crutch. There are times where if I were to consume it, it would be a cheat because I intended during that time period to not have it. And then there are other times where it is a trigger and it just leads me into wanting all the sweet things. So looking at things like particularly those crutches, where am I leaning on a crutch but my foot is no longer broken and now I need to walk on my own 2ft and stop leaning on that crutch.

[53:09] Coach Bronson: Boom, boom. I think the most common and just a quick segue, but when you're talking about that for me, I see this the most, I think maybe not the most. It's pretty high up there on the list outside of keto treats and whatever else. But I think it's diet soda.

[53:29] Coach Natalie: Oh, yeah.

[53:30] Coach Bronson: Huge one for people. I can't tell you how many conversations I've had with people where we're trying to make changes, trying to identify things that they can adjust or change or remove from their diet and the visceral resistance to stopping drinking. Diet soda is strong, is strong. And a lot of people and for those people that decide to do it, it's like almost immediate, immediate revelation of holy ****, I can't believe that one thing is making this much difference.

[54:19] Coach Natalie: And I will say the same thing for any product with sucralose. I've noticed that with clients, especially with their coffee, and they have like a coffee creamer or a cereal or sweetener or something using with the sucralose and they just do not want to let that go. And as soon as they do, that's.

[54:38] Coach Bronson: Probably the thing, I think yeah, you're right. It's diet drinks or coffee creamers. And those are probably the top two.

[54:45] Coach Natalie: Things that people because otherwise you're no calorie. Right?

[54:50] Coach Bronson: And that's the argument all the time. Well, it's not no calories. Yeah, don't get down that if it has no calories, it has no value.

[54:57] Coach Natalie: Well, and this is why way before I ever did keto or carnivore, whole 30 was revolutionary for me, right. Because it was more about the concepts of eating rather than the things in particular giving up. And I remember this one part of that book where they talked about if you're soaking dates and squeezing this and that to put it in your coffee to create this thing, there's something you need to look at there, then it's out. Then it's out. They do have all the food lists and all of that, but it's more about what's behind the food list. So they're teaching you about putting together a real food plate and when you eat, you're sitting down to have a meal. You're not snacking, you're not grabbing snacks, you're not recreating standard American diet treats or desserts.

[55:54] Coach Bronson: Eating for nutrition, not eating for taste.

[55:57] Coach Natalie: Well.

[56:00] Coach Bronson: Nutrition can be flavorful.

[56:02] Coach Natalie: Enjoy the foods for the way they taste. But to me, Whole 30 changed the game for me because I was no longer leaning on those crutches protein pancakes or paleo pancakes or whatever sweet thing I could create with real food, which.

[56:20] Coach Bronson: She could do a lot, y'all.

[56:21] Coach Natalie: Oh, yeah, I'm about to for Christmas.

[56:23] Coach Bronson: She could do all things.

[56:25] Coach Natalie: But instead of leaning on that stuff now, when that's taken away, what are you left with? And this kind of harkens back to what you were talking about earlier, and you called it stress, the way you're managing stress. It's what our friend Dr. Sivas likes to say. Emotional management systems. Food for people has been the emotional management system. When you take that away, what do you have? What do you have left? You have to learn to manage your emotions in a different way. So if we do this lion diet, we are we're going to do it. It's happening. This is definitely happening.

[57:02] Coach Bronson: Okay, here's the want this challenge. I'm going to put you out.

[57:06] Coach Natalie: Oh, snap.

[57:07] Coach Bronson: I'm going to put this out there.

[57:08] Coach Natalie: Okay.

[57:09] Coach Bronson: We just talked about not waiting till the first when are we going to start?

[57:18] Coach Natalie: I said I wanted to do 40.

[57:20] Coach Bronson: Days until my forty th forty days to your 40th. What day is what's? 40 days.

[57:24] Coach Natalie: That is okay. February 15. So 1234 weeks would be 28 days. Weeks would be 3536-373-8394. Friday, January 6.

[57:50] Coach Bronson: Yeah, I get back that evening so.

[57:52] Coach Natalie: We could start on the 6th when you get back.

[57:55] Coach Bronson: Okay. I mean, I'll probably be doing it while I'm in Costa Rica, because I'm going to be in a house full of carnivores. This is true. You know what? I wonder how much meat they're buying to put in that house. There's going to be so many pictures. And it's going to be all rib eyes, too, probably.

[58:11] Coach Natalie: Oh, wow.

[58:12] Coach Bronson: Yeah. Anywho okay, so the 6th.

[58:15] Coach Natalie: Friday the 6th.

[58:16] Coach Bronson: 40 days.

[58:17] Coach Natalie: 40 days.

[58:17] Coach Bronson: Okay. We're going to document all 40 days.

[58:19] Coach Natalie: Yes.

[58:20] Coach Bronson: Countdown. Okay.

[58:20] Coach Natalie: We should do a video. I'm documenting it on my YouTube.

[58:24] Coach Bronson: We should do it together every day.

[58:25] Coach Natalie: You can join with me and we can do it together.

[58:27] Coach Bronson: Okay, I'll pop in.

[58:29] Coach Natalie: Okay, guys, lion diet. Rah. We're doing lion diet.

[58:34] Coach Bronson: 40 days, January 6. Okay, before we finish up real quick, what is one thing that's happening for your business in 2023?

[58:44] Coach Natalie: Oh, my goodness. There's a lot.

[58:48] Coach Bronson: Just pick one that you want to tell people about.

[58:54] Coach Natalie: I will have a published book.

[58:57] Coach Bronson: Are you really putting that out there?

[58:58] Coach Natalie: I am doing it. I'm ripping the Band Aid off.

[59:01] Coach Bronson: Okay, what is your book going to be?

[59:04] Coach Natalie: I have a few ideas. Why don't I share them here and people can tell me?

[59:08] Coach Bronson: There you go. Which book do you want Coach Nat to write?

[59:12] Coach Natalie: Okay, so comprehensive the bikini. The Keto Bikini comprehensive competition guide. Okay, I don't know what I'm really calling it yet.

[59:23] Coach Bronson: Right? But that's like, what is competition all about? How to get ready. Will that go into everything like it's show day? What do I do?

[59:31] Coach Natalie: Everything. All the stuff from all the behind the scenes show stuff.

[59:35] Coach Bronson: Okay.

[59:35] Coach Natalie: Show checklist.

[59:36] Coach Bronson: Oh, my God, that would be so cool.

[59:38] Coach Natalie: Budgeting all of it.

[59:40] Coach Bronson: You know, like posing stuff in there too.

[59:42] Coach Natalie: Posing training, what the judges are looking for, all the how to pick your bikini, all the divisions explained. Yeah. How to pick your bikini shoes.

[59:51] Coach Bronson: Is it going to be just WBFF or is it going to COVID multiple iterations?

[59:56] Coach Natalie: Cover all the stuff.

[59:57] Coach Bronson: All the stuff. Okay.

[59:58] Coach Natalie: Yeah, for bikini figure, I'm helping her.

[01:00:00] Coach Bronson: Put her outline together right now. In case you hadn't.

[01:00:02] Coach Natalie: I actually already have an outline. You didn't even know. I've been thinking about doing this for a long time.

[01:00:08] Coach Bronson: Nice.

[01:00:09] Coach Natalie: Okay, so that's one of them. The other one, it probably won't be this one unless a million people are banging down my door to do it. My memoir, which is breakups Make Bodybuilders how I Went From Six Sad and Stressed Out to Bikini Pro.

[01:00:28] Coach Bronson: I think that's probably more impactful and powerful than either the first one or the other one you're going to mention after this.

[01:00:37] Coach Natalie: Okay, well, there you go. Number one is the competition prep book. Number two would be your story. Number three is one of many. My first keto bikini cookbook. The Keto Bikini kitchen Volume One.

[01:00:55] Coach Bronson: KBBK. KBBK one, volume one. All of the recipes that she's been gathering up for years and making at the house for me that you all haven't had a chance to experience.

[01:01:06] Coach Natalie: But we'll pick one to start with. One of those will be all my protein recipes, all of my protein powder recipes. One of them, of course, will be just all different meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, all that kind of stuff. And then I'll probably have a specific one eventually come out just for holiday special events.

[01:01:27] Coach Bronson: Okay. You could do one too. That's like just a cookbook, like a comprehensive book cookbook.

[01:01:35] Coach Natalie: That could be an addendum to the competition prep guide.

[01:01:40] Coach Bronson: Okay, so you're going to write a book in 2023, fully self published. I'll just say you've probably already mostly got the books written. You just got to compile everything and put it all together into a book form, right?

[01:01:52] Coach Natalie: Yeah, definitely.

[01:01:54] Coach Bronson: That's the easy. That's so much better. When you already have all the content, or at least on most of the content, then we could come up with.

[01:02:02] Coach Natalie: Some work for sure.

[01:02:03] Coach Bronson: But you're starting with something that's good. Okay, cool. Besides the TV thing, which is going to be huge, this 2023 for me is the year of collaboration. So I have a lot of other things that I plan on doing. Like you could probably list all five different things. I'm working on. For me this year is really about collaboration. I have some people that I've connected with over the last year that I'm really trying to establish and build some relationships so that we can share the exposure that we have and try to help as many people as possible. So there's some things I've built a relationship with Dr. Sivas. I'm making some relationships with some other doctors who have books and different things out there, as well as other influencers who have programs that I can offer. My expertise in the fitness space to help again bring that fitness and nutrition together, to offer some products and services and just information to help people get started. My goal for 2023 is to collaborate with as many people as possible, to make fitness as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

[01:03:14] Coach Natalie: Sounds very you. That's pretty much very aligned.

[01:03:18] Coach Bronson: Yeah. So collaboration is my goal. Outside of that, I am going to say you have something you're going to be announcing in a couple of days.

[01:03:27] Coach Natalie: Yes, I do.

[01:03:28] Coach Bronson: I have something I've already announced. So by the time you get this by the time this publishes, it will probably be on day five or six left before my early bird opens. Ketolifemastery.com Early Bird Access, with $1,000 discount to the program, ends December 31. So if you're interested, go to Keto Lifemastery.com. It's a six month individual personalized coaching program with me, you get to work with me one on one, looking at your stuff and helping you reach your goals. Premium, premium coaching that I only am going to offer two times a year. So you won't be able to do this again until July. So don't miss out.

[01:04:10] Coach Natalie: Boom.

[01:04:10] Coach Bronson: Okay. And you have something you're going to announce right now.

[01:04:13] Coach Natalie: The Keto Bikini Body challenge. It is actually the Grace and Grind New Year's challenge.

[01:04:21] Coach Bronson: Grace and grind.

[01:04:22] Coach Natalie: So for my ladies who struggle with finding that balance between when do I give myself grace and when do I need to kick my own *** and grind? And sometimes you do those things in the wrong order and you're applying them to the wrong things. I binged yesterday. I need to give myself grace or I've been lazy and not going to the gym. I need to give myself grace. Well, okay, maybe not applying that in the right context. So this is going to be my New Year's challenge. It is six weeks long. You will get workouts. You will get a community. This is something we're going to do as a group. Nutrition guidance and a whole lot of mindset stuff.

[01:05:12] Coach Bronson: As we do.

[01:05:14] Coach Natalie: I will be announcing all of the details inside my group. So if you're not in there yet keto Bikini Secrets for Badass Boss babes on Facebook. That is where all the details will drop. I will probably also be promoting it on my Instagram, so Instagram, Facebook, and likely on YouTube as well. So look out. For that. All the details are dropping right after Christmas, monday after Christmas, and then we'll go from there.

[01:05:44] Coach Bronson: Awesome. All right, well, thanks for listening, everybody. Hopefully this has been a helpful episode full of information that you can use for yourselves. If you have any topics or things you want to hear us talk about, please let us know. You know how to get us our information on the website, but I am at Coach underscore Bronson, underscore Keto on.

[01:06:03] Coach Natalie: Instagram, at the Keto Bikini Pro on Instagram.

[01:06:07] Coach Bronson: And outside of that, hope you guys have a great day, great holidays. If you're listening to this before the holidays or after, hope you had a great holiday, happy New Year, and we.

[01:06:20] Coach Natalie: Will talk to you guys to crushing your goals in 2023.

[01:06:23] Coach Bronson: Awesome. And don't forget to eat, lift, sleep, repeat.